The South Brixian Empire


National Emblem The symbol of the empire are the golden intertwined griffons, which stands for power, royalty and unity. Each Kingdom within the empire also has its own flag.


The environment of the Empire is varied. In the north are mixed forests of deciduous and coniferous trees, meadows and marshes. The climate and conditions are similar to the north-eastern United States. The Eastern half are grasslands with patches of thin, deciduous forests, hills and lowlands. A large area of these grasslands border the Orc territories. The grasslands of much of this border lands are made up tough, serrated glass. This area is known as the grass plains, and there have been many skirmishes between South Brixian forces and Orc tribes. The mountains in the southwest offer the usual zones of vegetation and wildlife, from light forest at its base to alpine pastures at its midsection.

Along most of the low, western mountains are rocky scrublands and stony desert. Toward the northeastern range of the mountains is lush deciduous forests.



Language: Brix

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Kingdom of Aquitania (South-Eastern Brixia)

Border Kingdoms


Hawkspire Arena


The South Brixian Empire

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