Here the heroes of our story eat, drink and share tales of the fantastic.

Log of Feralon Cercer Walking Tree
Follow the adventures of this Wild Elf, as he is charged with an elusive mission by his Order, while he learns the ways of ‘civilized’ men.

Log of Argus of Imperia
See how the slave-gladiator, now mercenary, battles not only his enemies, but his inner demons, while searching for his enslaved family.

Log of Baros Blackrose
Learn what you can as this outcast noble, who while dedicating himself to eliminating threats to the crown, both magical and mundane, is entrenched by the intrigue and danger of a chaotic world.

Log of Vaellen
Travel with this haughty High Elf warrior-sorcerer along a path of adventure and danger. Using sword and sorcery, he defies all odds to right an ancient wrong, and remove a burden from his soul.

Log of Abd-al-bari
Find out what dangers this sharp tongued Shakkadian treasure hunter is willing to face to drape himself in glory.

Below are the allies and enemies that molded our hero’s world



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