Windhurst rests on the southwestern edge of the Eastern Forest, a blunt, sawdust-choked stop on a winding trade route. Home to fewer than 1,500 humans and a smattering of other races, most of the townsfolk care only for the paltry coins paid for their backbreaking work and what simple comforts they can buy. A few, however, understand that what’s bad for one is bad for all, and so the community thrives on a tenacious mix of greed and stubborn self-reliance.

The town of Windhurst lies in the southwestern part of the Eastern Forest and is heavily patrolled by the town guards.

Windhurst guards scattered throughout the forest attempt to keep the lands safe from the various wild beasts and creatures, hostile humanoids, and local bandits, which have various staging camps around the woods. The Eastern Forest is generally a peaceful place, but if travelers wander too far from the main roads they may encounter hidden dangers lurking in the shadows.

Windhurst is centrallly located just southwest of Stoutheart Abbey and has many skilled craftsmen and traders. It has the first inn that your characters are likely to encounter – the Smiling Otter Inn.

Windhurst has roads that lead to the coastal city of Hawkspire, many days to the southeast, Stoutheart Abbey just to the northeast, Sulwood to the west, and [[Aden’s Keep]] to the far northeast. Its prime location makes it an important trade town. Travellers, merchants, adventurers, and priests from the abbey all stop and make regular visits to the town on their way to and from Hawkspire, usually enjoying the hospitality of the Smiling Otter Inn, one of the most respectable ale houses in the province.

Patrolled by the Windhurst militia, the leader is an appointed Marshal, and the position is currently occupied by Finnus Heju.

Just south of Windhurst is the Blackdust Mine, the [[Eagle’s Lake]] logging camp and Eagle’s Lake. To the west are the local farmsteads. These areas are where most of your questing will take place.

Craftsmen and Trainers in and around Windhurst-

• Blacksmithing- Armorsmithing; Weaponsmithing

• Tailoring- Leathimworking; Clothier

• Wilderness Survival- Hunting; Fishing; Camping; Direction Sense

• Cooking- Baking

• First Aid

• Herbalism



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