War Chief among War Chiefs

At one end of the hall are thirteen steps leading to a throne of black stone. On either side of these steps are two tables at which sit twenty-four Orcs in plain black leather. They are high advisors and rank above all others sitting before them. Standing, statue like behind them, are thirteen large orcs clad in black chain and hides. Each holds a steel round shield and carries a long sword of exceptional quality and design at their side.

To one side of the throne is Omm, the son of the one who sits upon it. He is an orc of no more than eighteen years. Though young, he is already physically impressive in his armor of banded, black iron and toughened animal hide. In his right hand is a coiled leather whip, the symbol of the one he worships. The hard faced man-child has the look of a warrior that has already been blooded many times. But neither he, nor any of the myriad chiefs and warriors assembled can match the presence of the man sitting on the throne.

He is unmoving and emotionless, but his cold confidence and air of command is almost a physical thing. His armor is black like the youth’s, but in place of bands of metal are glittering silver studs. His intense eyes blaze under a heavy grey-green brow and seem to focus on nothing at all. Above his head is mounted a wickedly made whip of leather and silvered chain. Tines and hooks of razor sharp mithral run along its length.

This warrior is not overly large, but his physicality is undeniable. There is a relaxed air to his demeanor, but his left hand grips the end of an arm rest with a white knuckled intensity. His right hand is unable to mimic the left because strapped securely to his forearm, is a molded bright steel shell where his fist should be. This is Ogg Bloodhand; War Chief among War Chiefs.

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War Chief among War Chiefs

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