Southern Chulkay

They hail primarily from the Blight, also known as the Great Swamp, in Southern Byrra. The Chulkay of the southern lands are the oldest culture on the face of Byrra. While the other races were new, the Southern Chulkay had already reached the heights of Science, culture and magic. The Chulkay entered a centuries long period of decadence, which eventually led to revolt by the Chulkay who railed against this moral decline, and attempted to return their race to the values of their noble past. After a great civil war the Chulkay revolutionaries were chased from their homeland. As punishment, the defeated armies were banished to the most desolate lands in all of Byrra, to what was thought to be their eventual extinction. The victors continued their descent into moral barbarism, while the banished flourished through adversity. This proved to be the beginning of the downfall of the Southern Chulkay society. While the Chulkay of the south were the victorious, many of the most talented minds of their race were banished.

The Southern Chulkay began to decay from within, turning from the edicts of their gods, and committing many heresies in their names. As punishment for their corrupted faith, their gods allowed them to descend into a barbarism that reflected their twisted spirits. As generation after generation passed, the once mighty Chulkay empire descended into barbarism and ignorance, who were as savage as their ancestors were civilized. The cities that reflected the heights of knowledge and sophistication became nothing more than ancient ruins, absorbed by the swamps, their glory a distant memory.

Unforeseen by the gods of the Chulkay, as their worshippers regressed, so did their divine aspect. They know only worship two gods. Pacha, the male god representing almost mindless strength and power, while Witama, the female, representing healing and procreation. Even these gods have become basic in their powers and influence. Ironically, the more basic their society became, the more they emphasized religion. They know make their homes in underwater caves, and occasional ruins. There are legends of a magnificent city where the old society flourishes, and worship the old gods. It is ruled by an immortal matriarch. Arcane magic is still practiced as well.

Shamans, their spiritual guides, are typically counselors, and normally do not lead. The Chulkay have no aspiration other than survival and procreation. Their swamps are made up of countless small tribes that have no concept of national pride. They only to protect their resources and food supply. The aggressively guard their lands, but seldom fight with other tribes, because a war with another tribe would only lead the weakening and possible destruction of both. Instead they engage in ritual combat, and displays of power. The more extravagant and stylized display often signifies the winner. The victories are mostly symbolic, and represent no real gain. Even before a real battle, they often use these displays to frighten and demoralize their foes.

Due to the constant raiding by slavers, they often attack non-Chulkay on sight. Although extremely rare, there are tribes that practice cannibalism against outsiders. Only the most savage and dangerous, would cannibalize other Chulkay. Within their lands they make war with weapons and shields made primarily of wood and bone, seldom using more that light or piecemeal armor, if any at all. Their favored weapon is the trident. They also favor the use of barbed javelins tethered with a strong fibrous rope, mainly used for fishing. They also use hunting nets for entrapping foes in combat. Southern Chulkay adventurers, or those that have had sustained contact with outsiders, use a wide variety weapons. Any armor obtained outside of Chulkay lands has to be tailored to their unusual shape.


Southern Chulkay

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