Northern Chulkay

The northern Chulkay fled the swamps of the South after a protracted civil war. Defeated, they fled to the only place that they could live un-harried; the arid inhospitable lands of the Shakkadian Desert. As they wondered the unforgiving sands on the brink of extinction, the Chulkay discovered a temple to the Great Dragon God. The Chulkay renounced their old gods to worship her. The Great Dragon looked down with favor upon their tenacity and spirit, and took the struggling race under her wing. She sent her high priest, the mighty sun dragon Hxesxsessa to guide them over the long centuries. Hxesxsessa slumbers under the ancient city of Sasquapat even now. Hsesxsessa awakes every millennia or so to speak directly with a powerful priest, or to translate a dream of great portent that has been sent by the slumbering Great Dragon. With the favor of their new god, the northern Chulkay adapted physically and spiritually to life in the desert. In fact their singular worship of The Great Dragon has made them the only monotheistic race in all of Byrra.

The Chulkay have a special relationship with the many dragons of Byrra, who consider them something akin to adopted children. Indeed, there have never been any reported cases of a Chulkay being the subject of a dragon attack within their desert home. Dragons are more likely to be seen in their lands than any other place in Byrra, and every few centuries, a great flight of dragons can be seen in their skies. Although the Chulkay don’t worship these dragons, they are reverential towards them, and often curry their favor. Eventually the northern Chulkay out-stripped their southern cousins, both technologically,culturally and magically. They produced many powerful arcanists and magic crafters, whose ancient enchantments still survive to this day. Over the eons, Southern Chulkay society began their decline, while the Northern Chulkay ascended.

Eventually the other races of Byrra began to develop and thrive in the much more fertile lands surrounding the Shakkadian desert and southern swamplands. This growth went unchecked by the Chulkay, who had no desire for expansion of their territories, and considered the other races to be barbarians beneath their attention. Around this time the Great Dragon fell into a mighty slumber, and with the recession of their god, the Chulkay society stagnated in the areas where the once flourished. While they did not lose any ground, neither did the progress, and thus the Northern Chulkay remain frozen in time.

In all things the Chulkay are cold and calculating. They are not easily induced into displays of emotion. Instead they approach situations in an analytical manner. This makes them particularly poor liars, and terrible at the art of espionage. They tend to say exactly what they mean and are too mechanical in their expressions to be effective con men. This is not to say that they don’t have emotions, they just display their emotions in a different manner than other races are accustomed to. In fact, once a Chulkay is angered to war, they take great pleasure in methodically destroying their enemies. They are direct and seek only to achieve a desired effect. They don’t revel in the glory of war, they fight to win. Whether they do so honorably or not is irrelevant. Even if they hate their enemy they don’t torture for the pleasure of causing pain as a sadist would. It is only done to achieve a purpose. A quick death is just as satisfying and takes less effort.


Northern Chulkay

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