Northern Chulkay

Southern Chulkay

The Chulkay are perhaps the first intelligent race on Byrra. At some point in their ancient history a bitter civil war separated in to two distinct civilizations. History tends to indicate that, having lost, the Northern Chulkay migrated north to found the Chulkay Baronies within the Shakkadian desert, while the victors remained in the Great Swamp, better now known as the Blight. The Chulkay are primarily a matriarchal society, although males of the north can hold positions of power, and several have held the position of head regent.

Chulkay of the North and South are notoriously difficult slaves after they have reached a certain age. Due to this fact, slavers attempt to acquire their eggs, so that they can be condition as slaves from birth. Chulkay slaves raised in this manner are some of the most valuable and sought after in the lands. Their eggs are also considered a great delicacy to those inclined towards such gruesome fare.


Northern and Southern Chulkay’s language share the same root. The northern dialect is notably different than their southern cousin’s. The southern dialect, while closer to the original, is also considerably degraded. Someone speaking one language will have a rudimentary understanding of the other.

Favored Religions
While the Chulkay of the North make use of Arcane, as well as divine magic, the Shamans of the South use divine magic almost exclusively.

Favored Regions
The Northern Chulkay dwell almost exclusively in scattered tribes throughout the Blight. Except for the rare slave or even rarer adventurer, It is exceedingly rare to find them elsewhere. The Northern Chulkay reside in Baronies in the south and central portion of the great desert.


Chulkay are reptilian humanoids typically standing from six to seven feet tall. Their scales are normally dull, earthy colors such as green, brown, or gray. They have a tail for balance, which measures three to four feet long. They typical weight is between 200 and 300 pounds, although the northern Chulkay tend to be slightly smaller. The Southern Chulkay are good swimmers, and can easily hold their breath for upwards of 30 minutes, while those of the North have lost much of this ability.



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