Caelot, capital of South Brixia, is the greatest of the South Brixian cities, carved from the white marble of the northerly reaches of the Frost Fang Mountains . Caelot is said to be the oldest of all the Brixian cities, a spiritual center of the Empire as well as being home to many important institutions, including the Caelot University, the College of Engineers, the College of the Arcane, the Hall of Elders, the great royal court, and also the Sanctum, where the Great Cathedral of Vexus stands in all its majesty. It is also a hotbed of intrigue, both mercantile and political.

Caelot is a city rarely seen from a distance, these days, often obscured by fog off the river Albion or a misty rain. In winter it is swirling snow and smoke from hundreds of hearths and stoves within, and in summer it is the oppressive humid haze. So, one usually first glimpses the white towers looming out of a mist, emerging like a dim ghost.

Strong walls and towers capped with battlements and standards surround the metropolis. Above these loom the clustered towers of the nobles with their gleaming roofs. Higher yet the Imperial Palace emerges from the gloom, its towers more slender and crenellations more graceful than those of the city walls, yet still designed as a practical defense as well as for esthetic impressiveness.

Whether arriving by river barge or road, one passes through an imposing gatehouse with doors several times the height of a man. City constables ask your business and direct you to city laws posted on nearby boards. To enter Caelot (unless you are a resident, Imperial citizen, or on business for a Peer of the Realm), it will cost you 10 silvers.

The gates open at sunrise and are closed at dusk; after that time you must present a sealed order or be of the nobility to gain entrance.

Barely are you past the inner gates when the city envelops you with sights, sounds and smells! Pushcart vendors, peddlers and jugglers line the streets near every gate, assailing the unaccustomed visitor with aggressive advertisements of their wares: trinkets, foods of every kind, scents, potions, remedies, medicines, and clothing.

They close in just as the overhanging upper stories of the buildings seem to close in over every street, shutting off what light there is from the sky. These cantilevers serve a purpose, however. They shield the street(at least the street-edges) from rain and snow, allowing some shelter for pedestrians. Most streets are paved with cobbles, and grates along the edges drain away rainwater — and all manner of waste.

The city has street sweeps who spend much of their time at the unsavory task of unclogging these iron grilles. As one enters the city of Caelot, take care not to lose your way. It is a maze fraught with perils as well as opportunities.

Caelot controls the largest South Brixian kingdom, the Empire of South Brixia. While the Empire has a large and effective army, it is one dedicated to defense. The Empire has a powerful navy, but they no longer attempt to extend their influence beyond their borders. Still, the politics and intrigue flow around Caelot. It has had occasion to attempt to counterbalance North Brixia’s power.

  • Copper District – Low End, Very Low Merchants/Taverns/Inns, Thieves, Beggars, Mercenaries, Low End Docks, Sewers.
  • Bronze District – Entry into the city, Low to Moderate Merchants/Taverns/Inns, Foreigners, Arena, Docks, Shrines, Commoner Homes. Entry Tax: 3 silver
  • Silver District – Moderate Merchants/Taverns/Inns, Guild Halls, Estates, Modest Temples. Entry Tax: 10 silver
  • Gold District – High Quality Merchants/Taverns/Inns, Large Estates, Prime Temples. Entry Tax: 20 silver
  • Platinum District – Palace, Estates of the High Council, Docks, Royal Sepulcher. Entry Tax: Need writs of passage.



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